July 4, 2018

Music, Creativity & ‘25 in 24′ The Movie w/ Jon Foreman

Host Brady Toops sits down with Jon Foreman, lead singer of the band Switchfoot, to chat about everything from music, to creativity, to the role of the Church and what God is like, as well as his new film "25 in 24". The documentary follows Jon and his friends as they embark on a musical journey throughout San Diego aiming to play 25 shows in 24 hours. Also, stay tuned to the end of the episode to hear how Jon responds to the 10 big spiritual questions of Season 1.

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Jon Foreman mentioned The Gift by Lewis Hyde as well as reccommended reading With Open Hands by Henri Nouwen.

Find out more about Jon's music, tour schedule & the movie '25 in 24' at jonforeman.com.

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